Hello, I'm Carolina.

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer specializing in Graphic Design and UX/UI Design. With over 10 years of experience in agency and in-house environments, I've worked across various mediums including email, digital publishing, web design, print, and video.




Adventuring Through Design

Exploring diverse design possibilities and organizing website information is an adventure that fuels my curiosity. I never settle for the first idea, always striving to understand how things and people work. Each new data point, user feedback, or constraint feels like uncovering uncharted territories, driving me to push boundaries and seek innovation.


Guided By Creativity And Intuition

My creativity and intuition fuel my curiosity and serve as my compass, guiding me to explore myriad solutions and craft outcomes that resonate with and benefit the end user. I bring an open-mindedness that enables me to embrace creative, technical, and business challenges.


Continuously Expanding My Limits

I believe if you are comfortable, you are not learning. As an eager learner, I love to be out of my comfort zone, unraveling users' minds or finding the workaround to a new feature release that didn't quite meet business goals. It all feels like a quest to expand my limits.



UX/UI Design
Graphic Design

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