UX UI Design


I had my first experience with UI Design in 2007 in Brazil while working as an intern for a digital agency. Two years later, I transitioned to the role of a web designer in another digital agency, where I was responsible for creating the visual design and HTML/CSS for web pages (as apps and responsive web pages were not used then). Following that experience, I pursued a career as a multidisciplinary graphic designer, occasionally exploring UX/UI Design but always cherishing my passion for it. In 2022, I decided to concentrate on my passion and immerse myself in the study of UX/UI Design. You can see the outcomes of that dedication here.

Expedia - Adding a feature

In an ideal travel scenario, planning trips would be enjoyable without the need for extensive online searches. The new feature provides personalized itineraries based on users' preferences, recommending hotels, activities, and restaurants. The new feature also encourages users to book more activities and attractions on the website.


X-Borders App

Residing in a foreign country presents significant challenges, especially for immigrants who relocate without their families to a place that is not their native homeland. X Borders is an app designed to help people from different countries living in the US connect and form friendships.


cruise.com Responsive Website Redesign

Explore how I redesigned the cruise.com website from the ground up, keeping users and business goals in mind.


Voxium Language Learning Website

Voxium is a language learning website that encourages users worldwide to interact with native speakers, helping each other improve and stay motivated in the learning process.


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