Carolina Mayumi

I am a multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on Graphic Design and UX/UI Design and a passion for creating human-centered experiences where functionality meets aesthetics. Born and raised in Brazil, I worked as a graphic designer for 10 years in South America.

My passion for graphic design began at the age of 16. I observed how designers creatively utilized colors, patterns, images, and various fonts to craft flyers and brochures for clothing stores, clubs, and festivals I attended. I kept a box filled with these materials, relishing the opportunity to analyze every detail. Even now, I find myself doing the same while grocery shopping, comparing different packaging. As a designer, my emphasis is on simplicity, elegance, and functionality.


I haven't stopped looking for a way to improve my work. I love Paul Arden's citation: "Do not seek praise, seek criticism."

I had my first experience with UI Design while working as an intern for a digital agency in 2007. Initially placed into a Flash/ActionScript position, I realized that coding wasn't my passion. However, this experience sparked my love for UI Design. Two years later, I worked as a web designer in a small digital agency, handling the visual design and HTML/CSS for web pages (as apps and responsive web pages were not an option then). Since then, I have worked as a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, occasionally exploring UI Design but never losing sight of my passion for it.


After working as a graphic designer in the US for 3 years, I felt the urge to delve deeper into design. I wanted to help people solve their problems and to communicate my process to stakeholders and teammates not only explaining what I did but also detailing how I did it and why. Consequently, I made the decision to return to school and pursue a deeper understanding of something I was passionate about: UX/UI Design.

I like the saying: If you are comfortable, you are not learning. And as an eager learner, I love to be out of my comfort zone, unraveling users' minds into functional and meaningful products.


As a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, I have a valuable foundation for my work in UX design. Being a natural-born curious designer and problem-solver, I enjoy engaging in user-centered design processes, including wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.

Outside of work, I enjoy visiting museums, practicing yoga, and traveling. Although I have yet to learn to play any musical instrument (it's on my list of things to learn), I am passionate about music. Additionally, I love motorcycling with my husband whenever the weather permits.


Graphic Design
UI Design
UX Design
Digital Design


Adobe Creative


10+ years of experience, including agency and in-house environment.

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